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Take a journey into the wild, fantastical realm of Duane. A child prodigy, born to dance beyond what this mortal plane can bear to witness.

Originally created as a second year college class assignment, Duane's Great Adventure has been demastered for the Sega Dreamcast. The experience features fully functional Duane, as well as two paddles and a ball. The experience now boasts a brand new local multiplayer mode, which is truly the only way to play.

Duane's greatest adventure begins with you.


Score 10 points to win! Move your paddle while hitting the ball to increase the ball's speed. Stand still while hitting the ball to slow down the ball's speed.

Menu Controls:

A: Select
D-Pad: Navigation

Game Controls:

Start: Pause
Joystick: Movement

Install instructions

The CDI can be burned to a CD-R or run using an emulator. 
The recommended emulator to use is Demul.


duanes-great-adventure.cdi 18 MB


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Nice, works on redream too


love it!